Risk mitigation for digital asset investors

Immuna platform helps investors manage their risks of investing in digital assets. The platform monitors and proactively defends investors’ digital asset investments from unexpected exploits and undesirable economic situations


Our Focus

Economic risks
Smart contract risks
Governance attacks
Flash loan attacks
Anomaly detection
Defi composability risks

Real Time Threat Monitoring

Immuna tracks on-chain and mempool events in real-time and notifies institutional investors about various exploits and economic risks. Our product is built on top of the cutting-edge data infrastructure to provide our clients with an integrated solution for their digital assets.


Automated Defense

Immuna takes automated defensive measures to protect investors' digital assets. Investors can choose from the out-of-box defensive steps or tweak them as they wish. For example, exiting vulnerable positions from pools, transferring all digital assets to prevent draining, etc.

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